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Who are we?

We are a group of PhD students with a vision for a workplace where the academic and business worlds live in symbiosis.

We want scientific literature to inspire the business world, and vice-versa, to develop a better tomorrow. People and organizations need to tear down the walls between these two worlds to thrive truly.


Many people tend to put researchers and practitioners in two different boxes. They tend to see the world in a binary perspective despite philosophers and free thinkers continuously telling us to do better and cooperate. There is more than one way to do it. We choose to create a hybrid path. A middle ground between practice and research. Our goal is to enhance collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

Our concept focuses on two main ideas:
They dedicate their life to understanding and explaining the world. Some situations need the kind of analysis that only academic researchers are able to do. Our PhD students are experts in their fields and bring fresh new approaches to problem in-house teams might struggle with.

Even if some scientific literature is meant to solve practical issues, practitioners mostly don’t have time to get over endless articles to find answers. We strip science to it’s core and offer short and easy to read articles in various topics ranging from management, business analytics to psychology. Our subscribers will receive periodically a selection of our most interesting articles written by our PhD students.

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